Hi I’m Max Chau.
I’ve been attending this church for as long as I can remember. Although I grew up in Grace
church, it was only during the university years that God finally opened my eyes and revealed to
me my own hypocrisy and the importance of church. Ever since then, I’ve been striving to
become closer and closer to God by deepening my knowledge in the bible, applying the lessons
learned and teaching them both the Bible and these lessons to the next generation. I’m currently
serving in Jeremiah fellowship as a leader/advisor, have been a deacon in the English service
for the past three years, and was a Sunday school teacher for almost 10 years.
I accepted to be an elder because it is my conviction that if someone strives to want to know
God more and God allows something to happen, it is part of his divine plan. With my knowledge
of theology from seminary school, my experience in teaching Sunday school and leading a
small group for many years and my lifelong attendance to Grace church, I believe I qualify to be
an elder for Grace church.


Education and Work:
- 1979-1999: study and work at universities within China and Canada;
- 1999-present: Sino-Canadian joint school project; real estate business.

There are six people in my family and we have all been baptized except for my 14
year-old son.

Faith and service:
I was baptized with my wife in 1998, and I have been committed to MCAGC since
1999. In 2004, as my company and myself experienced a miraculous rescue from
God, my spiritual life was reborn and I attended the theological classes, served in
church as a deacon and as an elder for 5 years. Thanks to God for His grace, the
trust of the church, and the support of the brothers and sisters, I am willing to
respond to the call of God, to know God with the brothers and sisters of Grace
church, to pursue God, to change life, to revive the church, and to spread the


I am Denh Koac Quach, born and raised in Cambodia (Khmer) and studied at the Department of Agricultural Economics of the University of Taiwan. I was baptized at the Taipei Baptist Church on April 14, 1974 and immigrated to France in 1979. I was a deacon and a member of the Choir in the Chinese Alliance and Missionary Church in Paris. In 1988, I married Lucie Duong at Grace Church in Montreal. Thanks to the Lord, I had the opportunity to get involved in some ministries of the church. I got involved and served in the Cantonese Huai En Group; served in the translation cantonese-mandarin of the preaching of Sundays and baptisms; leaded the music adoration for worship; attended and leaded the children's choir. I also served in the maintenance department and in the finance ministry of the church. In 2019, I chaired the nomination committee of the senior pastor. I am involved with Chinese Family For Christ as a Leading Couple and organize the Wedding Enrichment Retreat on an annual basis.


My name is Chen Gang. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 2001,
then was baptized in Grace Church. I served as Sunday school teacher for more than 15
years. Since God give me the gift of teaching, I should use it to serve the Grace Church.
God called me to support Pastor Joseph and Pastor Hao to lead Grace Church to a new
leval, may God’s glory manifest in Grace Church forever more.



Hello, my name is James. I spent most of my life in Montreal except for a short 6 years when my
family lived on a little island off the coast of Hong Kong while my dad went to seminary.
I have been attending MCAGC for the last 18 years and was baptized on Easter 2007. Over the
years, I have served in leadership roles in various fellowships, as Sunday school teacher and as
special events coordinator. Currently I am part of the worship teams for the English
When I first learned of my nomination, my reaction was not unlike that of Moses when he was
called by God from the burning bush, one of reluctance. To begin with, I did not think I was
qualified to serve as deacon, and seriously considered to turn down the nomination
immediately. Furthermore, having served in positions of leadership before and having grown up
as a pastor's kid, I know all too well about the burdens and the loneliness of leadership. Being
brought up at Grace Church, I also knew that being a deacon is no easy task; many things go
down behind the scenes. Ultimately, I might have been fleeing from my responsibilities, because
I knew that the calling was from God.
However, I believe that if God allows something to happen, it is for His glory. Therefore, after
prayerful consideration, I accepted to serve in the capacity of deacon. As I was contemplating,
one verse greatly encouraged me. "Do everything without grumbling [...]" Phil 2:14 (NIV).
Obeying God's calling is contrary to the flesh (and those who know me know that I grumble a
lot). I will therefore go against the natural cravings of the world so that I too can shine as a light
in the world.


Hi I was born and raised in Longueuil, I’ve attended grace since I was a kid but didn’t enjoy
church until much later into my teens when I joined Isaiah fellowship. I have been missing in the
last 5 years due to work I couldn’t attend church regularly or serve.

I have served as the president of Isaiah for about a year back then and have led multiple small
groups during summer camps too. I now am with the Jeremiah fellowship and serve as usher
and with worship team recently.
My journey to faith has been one of many struggles, through ups and down, I know He is always
there for me. I have worked the last 5 years at a financial institution as credit card manager. I’ve
had the opportunity to talk with people from different walks of life and different financial
situations through that. I now have change career and work as 911 emergency communication.
Though most calls are trivial, I’m called to assist people in need. I have accepted the deacon
nomination as this isn’t my will but His and what I may be lacking I know He will provide.


I live in Chinatown with my mother Xiu Fen Du. I am from Guangzhou China. I work as an Xray technician at the Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital and work at my father Jia Chong Lin’s restaurant. I’ve been attending MCAGC since April 2017 and I am part of Jeremiah fellowship. In the past three years, I have served as an usher, in powerpoint and the French ministry. I accept the nomination of deacon because I want to experience God’s work in my life and the life of those around me. Jesus said in Matthew 20:28 that he did not come to be served but to serve others. I believe by submitting myself in the position of a servant I can be more like Jesus. Through the suffering and discipline of deaconship, I will be able to grow more mature spiritually and emotionally. I do not have the required skills nor biblical knowledge to be qualified as a deacon. In 2 Corinthians 12:9, Jesus said that his grace is enough for me and his power is made perfect in my weakness. I have come to understand this verse when Wen Kai and I were organizing the summer camp for the youth. I do not rely on my strength to serve the church but live daily on His mercy and grace


From Tianjin, baptized in 2010 at Grace alliance church. Responding to
God’s calling, I had taken a serious of theological courses offered by BBN Bible
Institute. Then God continually led me to study Reformed theology in many
aspects such as Covenant theology, Systematic theology, Biblical hermeneutics,
Biblical theology, Apologetics, and Biblical counselling. In the meantime, I have
also participated in a number of classes offered by China Evangelical seminary in
Ever since I confirmed my faith in Christ, I started to serve God in his
church and fellowships including early morning service, biblical fundamentals
class, admirers reception, Chinese biblical fellowship, “grass eating” fellowship,
and Green Olive student fellowship.
From 2015-2018, I rendered my service in the evangelical expansion and
development department as a deacon at Grace church. During the years, I had
participated in the organization of several evangelical conferences and short
evangelical trips to Trois-Rivières, Québec, St-John as well as Halifax to help
building local church and fellowships. On the other hand, I also helped initiating
Montreal Chinese student services to create a bridge between church and Montreal
local schools.


Jing Wei, born in Nanning, Guangxi, China. In 2002, she
came to Grace Church. the same year of Thanksgiving day,
was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. After that, she
participated in the teaching of Sunday school, she also opened
her house to welcome people come to have the fellowship
while bring unbeliever to receive Jesus as their saver. In 2015,
after backing from Germany short-term missionary trip, she and
another sisters founded a Chinese Bible class for children aged
6-12. She was deeply loved by the children and was also
affirmed by the brothers and sisters. As each has received a
gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s
varied grace. Thanks to the Lord, sister Wei is willing to use the
gift to serve God.

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