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about MCAGC

The Montreal Chinese Alliance Church (MCAC) was founded in 1972 by Rev. and Mrs. Jonathan Kaan. With only a few Chinese families and overseas students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia, MCAC started off worshiping in a borrowed Lutherian church and later in a converted garage on Pine Avenue. In 1982, the church moved to the building located on Marie-Anne Street.

In 1988, due to the influx of Chinese immigrants and the church building reaching maximum capacity, a daughter church branched off from MCAC to focus mainly on Mandarin speaking Chinese. Thus began the Montreal Chinese Alliance Grace Church. In the first few years, services were held in various rented buildings. Grace Church eventually returned to the Marie-Anne location in 1992, while the mother church moved into a larger building.

Throughout the years, Grace Church has witnessed the changing composition of the Chinese community in Montreal: from predominantly Taiwanese in the 1980's, to Hong Kong Chinese in the 1990's, to Mainland Chinese in the 2000's and the present rise of second and third generations Canadian Chinese. Continuously adapting to the linguistic and cultural needs of the community, Grace Church now offers Sunday worship services and Sunday School classes in multiple languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English and French.

Today, the English and French Congregation of Grace Church, true to its evangelistic tradition, welcomes not only Chinese, but people from any ethnicity and background.

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